Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 10 Low Cost Tablets in India

If you are searching for low cost tablets in India, you must be aware of the fact that most of these products come along with some truly great features, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G. Therefore, the low price tags do not relate to low quality. On the contrary, these tablets are able to support different applications, just as any other types of tablets. The below given paragraphs present the most affordable tablets that are available in India these days.

 Top 10 Budget Tablets In India :

1) MSI WindPad 100A:

This is a very slim device that comes equipped with 1280 x 800 IPS. It provides different ports, including 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI and USB.

It accommodates a front camera of 2MP and a rear camera of 5MP. This device is powered by the Tegra 2 processor that comes together with 2GB RAM. There are two options available, the 16GB and 32 GB tablets. The price should be around Rs 17000.

2) HCL Sakshat Tablet:  

This tablet has a 7-inch display, USB ports, external hard drive and sports different applications, including the most common ones, such as Open Office, PDF viewer, Power Point, Excel, Word, video streaming, sip/unzip facility, web browsing, and flash video. Its a wonderful discovery in the tablets market and costs only $35, i.e Rs 1500 (approx).

3) MSI WindPad 100W:

The WindPad 100W provides specifications that are pretty much similar to those of the WindPad 100A. However, there are a few small differences from which the most important one relates to another processor type, which in this case is Atom Z530 of 1.6GHz.

This device also comes embedded with SRS PC sound system, biometric software, control system, photo manager and some other characteristics. This is little costly compared to other devices and is worth Rs 34990.

4) Reliance 3G Tab:  

This tablet provides a 7-inch display, being powered by Android 2.3. It also comes with micro SD storage space which can support up to 32GB. The tablet has two cameras of 2MP. It sports various features, including video streaming, GPS, voice calling, mobile TV and others. Reliance have priced it at Rs 12999.

5) MSI Enjoy 10:

This tablet is another low cost alternative. Cheaper than the WindPad 100A and 100W, this option is ready to deliver different low-end specifications.

It comes along with a processor of 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8, which can support different applications.The device also presents 512MB of RAM, 4GB or storage, 2 cameras of 2MP each, and a great display that ensures a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Price of this tablet is Rs 14999.

6.) Spice MI-720:

This tablet promises to become a very popular choice of many Indian consumers. And this is mainly because it intends to replace the well-known Mi-700, which runs on the operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo.

The Spice Mi-720 runs on Android 2.3 and features an updated processor of 800MHz. Other specifications include 512 MB RAM and ROM, VGA front and rear cameras of 3MP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SIM and SD card slots. It may cost around INR 17000 – INR 20000.

7) MSI Enjoy 7:   

Similar to the aforementioned tablet, Enjoy 10, this tablet presents similar capabilities. The main difference consists of the size of the tablet and display’s characteristics, which highlight a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Any other features remain the same.The price of the device is Rs 13999 (Approx).

8.) Zinglife ZL101:  

This 10-inch tablet is proposed by Zinglife, being powered by the operating system, Android 2.2. It comes with a processor of 1GHz, 512 MB of RAM and RJ45 broadband port. The price is estimated at Rs 12300.

9) Beetel Magiq Tablet:   

Developed by Beetel Teletech, this low cost tablet brings in the Android 2.2 operating system and 8GB of memory, which is extendable to 16 GB. The tablet also provides a long battery life, front and back cameras of 2MP, Wi-Fi and 3G functions. The price of this tablet is Rs 8999.

10) Wespro Digital ePad:   


This is another great alternative that comes along with different features. These features include Android 1.9 operating system, a processor of 400MHz, 128MB of RAM, expandable memory up to 32GB, Wi-Fi, MP3, MPEG, WMA DIVX and XVID file formats. This tablet is for sale at its official site for Rs 5999.


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